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Nick Mattis
Head Track Coach / Assistant Athletics Director


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Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Summer 2021

10175PE 32N50Track and Field Techniques
12599PE 43X50Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women)

Spring 2021

47335KNES 6AX51ZAerobic Power Walking
47340KNES 15CX51ZTotal Fitness
47339KNES 15EX50ZCardiovascular and Strength Training
47338KNES 19EX50ZBody Sculpting
47337KNES 19GX51ZCore Conditioning
47341KNES 19GX52ZCore Conditioning
44680KNES 25AX51ZStretching
44681KNES 25BX51ZActive Isolated Stretching
47348PE 4XX50ZHigh-Intensity Strength Development for Athletes
47433PE 4650ZIntercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women)
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