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Loan Periods, Fines & Replacement Policies

Loan Period Renewals Overdue fines & charges. Books, 3 weeks 2 renewals

$.25 per day per book

maximum fine $12.00

DVDs, 1 week

4 DVD limit 2 renewals

$.25 per day

maximum fine, $12.00

* Charges for lost or damaged items; fair market value + $5.00 processing fee. Community members may borrow up to ten items; fines and fees same as above.

Reserve materials have been set aside by instructors for class use. These items are kept behind the Circulation Desk and have various checkout periods.  Students depend on the availability of reserve materials, therefore, the overdue fines for reserves are higher than other library materials.

There is a minimum 30 minute waiting period before renewing or checking out the same reserve item.  This policy is to assure that other students have access to the materials.

Reserve Loan Period
    Overdue fines
  Lost Book Replacement Fees

 Hourly: 2, 4, 24, 72

  (includes calculators)

$1.00 per hour maximum $50

  Fair market value 

  + $5.00 processing fee 

  + accrued overdue fees 

Weekly: 1 or 3 weeks

$5.00 per day
maximum $50

 Fair market value
 +$5.00 processing fee
 +accrued overdue fees

* Charges for lost or damaged items; fair market value + $5.00 processing fee.

If you  have a question about fines or a registration hold (library block) please contact Nate Kavanaugh at 408.864.8759 or Keri Kirkpatrick at 408.864.8763

Library materials may be returned to the circulation desk where they were checked out. There is also a book return, located to the left of the Library's main entrance available 24/7.

Overdue Notices:

Library Blocks: