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Interest-Free Installment Payment Plan

Payment Plan

If you choose to enroll in an installment payment plan, you will be charged a $25 nonrefundable service fee and must pay 1/3 of the balance of all fees up front. The remaining balance will be divided into two equal payments, which are due automatically during the quarter. The payment plan cannot be reversed once signed.

Unless your cumulative fee balance is $99 or less, you must enroll in a monthly payment plan to avoid drop for nonpayment.

The last day to sign up for a payment plan is on the 2nd Friday of a regular quarter (except summer session). See the academic calendar for dates.

About the Installment Payment Plan

Enroll in the Payment Plan

Only students in good standing and with a balance of $50 or more for the current quarter are eligible to enroll in an installment plan.

  1. Log in to MyPortal and go to the Bill Payment System. See Navigating the Bill Payment Tabs.
  2. Click the Payment Plan tab to enroll in a payment plan or view your current plan and payment schedule.
Service Fee
Got Questions?

See our Installment Plan FAQs.

Need Help?

E-mail the Cashier's Office at, call 408.864.8747 or 408.864.5699 or visit our desk during office hours in the Registration & Student Services Building.