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Tuition and Basic Fees at-a-Glance

The listing below will give you a general idea of what it would cost to enroll in one unit of study at De Anza College, depending on your residency status and financial aid eligibility. Fees are subject to change without notice.



NONRESIDENT (Out-of-State)
BOGW (Financial Aid)

Basic Fees (Same for All Students)

* $4.00 annual Student Representation Fee is charged $1.33 for Fall Quarter, $1.33 for Winter Quarter and $1.34 for Spring Quarter.

** VTA Eco Pass is $3 for part-time students with .5 to 5.5 units, $4 for part-time students with 6 to 11.5 units and $5 for full-time students with 12 or more units. Students with an Eco Pass enjoy unlimited rides on all VTA buses and light rail for the duration of each quarter with a valid clipper card.

Parking Decal Fees*

Same for all students, *except the quarterly and summer session parking decal is reduced for BOGW (Financial Aid) recipients.