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Priority Enrollment

State requirements for priority enrollment are intended to:

To check your registration date for the current quarter, see the Academic Calendar. You can also check your status in MyPortal

The following steps must be completed to receive priority enrollment for future quarters.

  1. Apply! Do this as early as possible, even if you think you may attend another school. Keep all your options open, and keep your priority registration if you choose De Anza.
  2. Declare a major on your application – not "Undecided."
  3. Select a goal of transfer, degree or certificate.
  4. Take placement tests.
  5. Complete orientation.
  6. Create an educational plan.

NOTE: You can update both your major and educational goal on MyPortal. Go to the Registration tab, then "My Profile" and "Update My Major/Educational Goal."

Priority Enrollment Order 

In accordance with new state and local regulations, students will be assigned registration dates in the following order. (See the academic calendar for actual priority registration dates for the upcoming or current term.)

1. Veterans, Foster Youth, DSPS, EOPS and CalWorks students who have completed orientation, assessment and an educational plan.

2. Continuing students who have 3. New college students who have 4. New college students who have

            BUT have not completed assessment, orientation or an educational plan

5. Returning students and new transfer students who have 6. All other college students, including continuing students who have not declared a major or who have not selected an educational goal of transfer, degree or certificate

7. Concurrently enrolled high school students

To receive priority enrollment, students cannot have completed more than 150 quarter units in degree-applicable courses. "W" and "I" grades are not included. Pre-collegiate English, ESL and Math classes do not count toward the 150 units.

Students who have lost priority registration and have been moved to open registration may appeal to have it reinstated based on verifiable evidence of factors outside their control. This is a one-time reinstatement of priority registration. Use the Enrollment Priority Registration Appeal Form.