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The Cheeseman Environmental Study Area (ESA) is a natural garden containing more than 400 species of plants representing 12 California native plant communities. This 1.5-acre site on the southeast corner of the campus is maintained by the Biological, Health and Environmental Sciences Division and the Environmental Studies Department. The ESA is used to conduct environmental research and contains a student laboratory for use by environmental studies and biology classes.
Telephone: 408.864.5446 Website:
The De Anza Child Development Center offers child care to Foothill-De Anza students and the community at large. The program values inclusion of all children and serves as a practicum for student interns working toward their degree or certificate in the fields of Child Development or Early Intervention. Staff members meet the highest standards of the profession, and curriculum is based on best practices for young children.
The center serves children ages 18 months to five years and has the capacity to provide services to more than 100 children. Parent participation is supported and strongly encouraged. For students, the center offers an income-eligible sliding scale fee program sponsored by the California Department of Education.
Families are encouraged to sign up for a tour of the center prior to submitting a waiting list application – available at deanza. edu/child – where they can also find the dates of tours. Parents can place their child’s name on the waiting list by completing the application and mailing or faxing it to the center.
Child care services operate all year from 7:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Location: Southwest corner of campus Telephone: 408.864.5795
FAX: 408.864.5627 Website:
The Office of College Life provides an information and resource center for students, staff and community members. It also enhances multiculturalism and diversity at De Anza. The office, in concert with the De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB), clubs and staff, provides for numerous educational programs and events representing the college's diverse student and staff community.
Among the many services are a housing website and college posting approval. Free legal advice from a lawyer is also available. Location: Campus Center (lower level,
near Health Services) Telephone: 408.864.8756
Email: Website:
Student success is the primary focus of De Anza, and one factor of success is campus involvement. There are more than 70 active clubs on campus that provide diverse opportunities for students including leadership, community service and friendships. Students can also form new clubs. For a current list of clubs, club meetings, how to start a new club and more, visit the website.
The De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB) is the elected government organization designed to enhance the college environment through student involvement in the decision-making process. Student government financially supports athletics, clubs, dances and speakers, creative arts events, student publications, social events, student support services and some instructional programs.
Active participation in student government provides students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in group dynamics, program planning and leadership.
Students are encouraged to participate in the development of co-curricular programs and the formulation of general college policies. Students are involved in college governance through membership and participation on all major college boards and committees.
The opportunity for self-government is extended to the students of De Anza by the board of trustees, administration and faculty to promote student activities that provide social and intellectual stimulation to the college campus and community. More information is available at the Office of College Life.
De Anza’s Community Education Division offers programs and services to community members of all ages and interests, through the De Anza College Academy, Euphrat Museum of Art (see page 11), Planetarium (see page 16) and Short Courses. Website:
This program is offered for students entering grades 1-12. Though peak operations take place during the summer months, De Anza College Academy operates year-round. The programs are offered in partnership with De Anza College’s Euphrat Museum of Art, California History Center and Planetarium, as well as Foothill College’s Krause Center for Innovation and local K-12 schools. Location: Learning Center, Room 141 Telephone: 408.864.8817
    FAX: Email:
408.864.5472 communityeducation@
This program provides a variety of fee- based, not-for-credit courses in educational, recreational, cultural and community development.
Location: Learning Center, Room 141 Telephone: 408.864.8817
FAX: 408.864.5472
Email: communityeducation@

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