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Students can order transcripts in writing from the Admissions and Records Office, or by ordering through MyPortal or the website of De Anza's authorized transcript provider. Transcripts will be sent electronically or mailed in hard copy, depending on the arrangement with the receiving institution. Students are entitled to two free transcripts if they submit the request in writing to the Admissions and Records Office, indicating that the request is not a rush order and that it should be counted as a free copy. All other orders will be subject to published fees. See for more information.
each one hour spent in class. Laboratory classes have three hours of work per week per unit. (Specialized performance classes such as athletics, drama and music require more than three hours per week per unit.) Quarter units are equal to two-thirds of a semester unit. Conversely, a semester unit is equal to one and a half quarter units.
Twelve units is the minimum number of units required for classification as a full- time student. A normal class load will be 12-17 units.
New students may not exceed a maximum of 21.5 units during their first quarter of enrollment at De Anza without the approval of the dean of Counseling.
Continuing students may enroll in
more than 21.5 units (including physical
Students meeting the above criteria who wish to enroll in more than 21.5 units must petition through their counselor. Petitions will not be considered before the first day of classes. Students who do not meet the criteria may petition the dean of Counseling for an exception to this policy.
Summer Sessions
During summer sessions, students may enroll in a maximum of 15 units including physical education classes and labs associated with courses.
■ To exceed the 15-unit limit, students must meet with a counselor to complete the special petition form.
■ Students must have completed a minimum of 18 units in the preceding quarter, not withdraw from more than one class, and have at least a 3.0 GPA to be eligible for a unit overload.
When a student persistently neglects class assignments or has excessive absences, the instructor may drop the student from the class or assign a nonpassing grade. Students may also be assigned a nonpassing grade for violating De Anza’s published Academic Integrity policies.
   Students transferring from another regionally accredited institution may
request to use credit from that school to meet ■ De Anza requirements. Official transcripts
should be sent directly from the transfer ■ institution to the Admissions and Records
office. Students may also deliver a sealed,
official transcript to the Admissions and ■ Records Office, along with a request for transcript evaluation. Only lower-division (freshman- and sophmore-level) transfer
credit can be evaluated. Upon review,
eligible transfer credit will be applied to the student’s De Anza record. Transfer review
is not immediate and varies depending on
the volume of official transcripts received.
Students who want prior coursework used as a prerequisite for a De Anza course must submit a prerequisite clearance form, along with an unofficial copy of their transcript, to the Admissions and Records Office for review. This transcript will not be evaluated for other transfer credit, but for prerequisite clearance only. Prerequisite clearance forms are available at admissions/evaluations/prerequisites.
A unit is the standard measurement of college and university work. One unit equals one hour of classroom work in most classes, predominantly those in lecture or lecture-discussion formats. Students should expect two hours of outside preparation for
education and labs) if they have met the
following conditions:
Completed a minimum of 18 units in the preceding quarter at De Anza Have not withdrawn from more than one class in the preceding quarter and
Completed the preceding quarter with at least a 3.0 GPA

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