Critical Decision-Making in Groups - HONORS

Course Description

A study in communication and critical decision making in the context of effective group problem solving with an emphasis on principles of sound reasoning to make a well-reasoned decision. This course explores theory, application, and evaluation of group communication processes, including problem solving, conflict management, decision making, and leadership, with the goal of understanding different points of view in an increasingly diverse and interconnected global society. As an honors course students will be expected to complete additional assignments to gain deeper insight in critical decision making and group problem solving.

Class Details

CRN Course Section Days Times Instructor Loc
47439 COMM 15H 50Z ······· TBA-TBA Stephanie Anderson ONLINE

Class Materials: View textbook and/or other materials for this course available at the Bookstore.
Class Dates: This class runs from 2021-04-05 to 2021-06-25.

Course Details

5 Units
Five hours lecture (60 hours total per quarter).
Gen Ed
General Education Class
Program Status
Program Applicable
Credit - Degree Applicable
Grading Method
Letter Grading


See general education pages for the requirement this course meets.
Not open to students with credit in COMM 15.
Admission into this course requires consent of the Honors Program Coordinator.
EWRT 1A or EWRT 1AH or (EWRT 1AS and EWRT 1AT) or ESL 5; COMM 1, 1H, 10 or 10H.
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