The De Anza campus covers 112 acres in the heart of Silicon Valley, with award-winning buildings arranged around a series of open plazas.

  • Printable Map
    View or download a printable map that shows buildings, parking, restrooms and more.

  • Parking
    For more information about parking rules and fees, see our Parking webpages.

On the map below, you can click on any building to see its name, a photo and a brief description of what takes place there. Click on one of the red video icons to watch a short video that shows more about that building or location.

Additional Resources

  • Video Tour
    Visit our video tour webpage to see a complete video tour of the campus or choose from a menu of selected locations.

  • 360-Degree Virtual Tour
    De Anza's Metaverse Club has been working on a 360-degree virtual tour of the campus. Check it out!.

  • Bicycle Riders
    Download this bike rack map to see where you can lock up your wheels on campus.

  • Guided Campus Tours
    If you are a student or a parent who’s interested in De Anza College, a good way to learn more is by taking a guided tour of our campus.

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