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Noncredit Photo and Digital Photo Courses at De Anza 

young man with camera photographing group of studentsDe Anza College is offering TUITION-FREE noncredit courses and certificates for students who want to acquire new skills in the fields of photography, commercial lighting and digital post-production.

With these courses, you can 

  • Gain valuable skills for personal growth and professional advancement
  • Explore new career options, without worrying about tuition or grades
  • Earn noncredit certificates in key employment fields
  • Take the same course again if you'd like – there are no limits on repeating noncredit courses


Choose From These Noncredit Courses in Winter 2022

  • PHTG 301: Basic Photography
  • PHTG 304: Introduction to Digital Photography
  • PHTG 305: Intermediate Digital Photography
  • PHTG 358A: Photographic Photoshop I
  • PHTG 358B: Photographic Photoshop II

Noncredit Courses in Future Quarters

  • PHTG 303: Advanced Photography
  • PHTG 357A: Commercial Lighting I
  • PHTG 357B: Commercial Lighting II

Earn These Noncredit Certificates of Completion

Check back soon for information about how you can earn a noncredit certificate in these areas

  • Commercial Lighting
  • Photographic Retouching and Digital Post-Production 
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